Substation Automation System

ITEC 680 Substation Automation System is total solution and a key factor in the efficient operation of electric power system.

It is independent of the voltage level, design, manufacturer or age of the substation. It enhances substation data availabilities and helps utilities make operation and business decisions accurately and quickly.

It also helps utilities to improve the quality of service provided to their customers while still maintaining acceptable levels of risk and reliability. Proven expertise on integration of devices from major manufacturers like ABB, Siemens, SAT, Areva, GE, SEL, NR, Reyrolle and many others.

And also vast experience in integrating and implementing many standard protocols including IEC 101, 103, 104, RP 570, SPA, WISP+, KBus, DNP, Modbus and IEC 61850 ITEC 680 integrates the six main functions of substation automation systems seamlessly. It is cost effective and simpler compared to the traditional approach where these functions are viewed separately. ITEC 680 can be implemented in stages, it allow users to have a fully integrated substation automation system as per their requirement.