PSI Incontrol is a Malaysian company and was established in Nov 1996 as a Joint Venture, together with VA TECH SAT of Austria. Since then, PSI Incontrol has evolved into a strong engineering house with a staff of over 200 persons out of which more than 100 engineers.

In the year 2009, PSI Incontrol has merged with PSI Software AG of Germany after enjoying a long established partnership. PSI Software AG was founded in 1969 and currently employes over 1500 persons in the group. PSI Software AG is the leader in the field of SCADA systems in the European Market.

PSI Incontrol has been providing engineering excellence since 1997. Today, PSI Incontrol is one of the largest engineering and software solutions provider for Automation, Control and Protection in the ASEAN region.

PSI Incontrol has established offices in Thailand, Bahrain and Oman.