e.GO Mobile AG relies on integrated IT infrastructure from PSI

PSIwms warehouse management system controls intra-logistics processes

Berlin, 6 November 2017 – Aachener e.GO Mobile AG has contracted PSI Logistics GmbH with the implementation of the PSIwms warehouse management system. Together with the ERP system PSIpenta implemented by the PSI Automotive & Industry GmbH, the e-vehicle manufacturer will be using an integrated IT infrastructure from PSI for the control of the intra-logistics processes as well as production planning and control of the electrical city car e.Go Life.

PSIwms will first of all be implemented in the demo-factory at the RWTH Aachen Campus to support fabrication of the first prototypes. Starting in mid-2018, mass production of the e.GO Life is planned for a new production plant. With the serial production plant, which is currently under construction in the district of Aachen Rothe-Erde, a 16,000 square-meter large industry 4.0 showcase factory is being built. The serial production of electrical vehicles will be accomplished with an ultra-modern production plant. The holistic IT backbone for the intra-logistics, supply control and production in the assembly and logistic halls is provided by the PSI software, which is being transferred from the demo-factory to the new plant.


PSI receives Software Contract from Trans Adriatic Pipeline

Commercial Dispatching Software in Preparation for Operational Phase

Berlin, 2 November 2017 – Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) AG has selected PSI Software AG as the provider of the Commercial Dispatching Software (CDS). The PSI software will enable TAP to perform its commercial dispatching activities for the transport of natural gas.

The CDS supports TAP’s business processes, which include managing transportation contracts, nominations, matching and balancing positions, allocations, and ensuring smooth communication between TAP, its shippers and the adjacent Transmission System Operators (TSOs). The CDS is also part of TAP’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) telecommunications and security systems contract, awarded in December 2016 to Honeywell.

Ulrike Andres, Commercial and External Affairs Director at TAP, said: “While our construction activities are progressing further every day, in parallel, we are ensuring that the pipeline is ready for operations from the day Shah Deniz II gas deliveries begin for European markets. The award of the commercial dispatching software is an important milestone for TAP. We look forward to working together with PSI in our future operations to come. TAP is designed to offer the best services and flexibility to its customers, whilst at the same time, contributing to Europe’s security of supply and diversification.”


PSI Logistics delivers additional airport software solution at Hamburg Airport

PSIairport optimises baggage monitoring

Berlin, 13 September 2017 – With the expansion and networking of their information systems for baggage monitoring, the Flughafen Hamburg GmbH is going to use the new PSIairport Baggage Handling System Version 3.0 from PSI Logistics GmbH.

The solution includes the entire baggage tracking at Terminal 1 and 2 from check-in to the baggage handling system by means of PSIairport/CCTV and the IT infrastructure required, for instance a redundant network and cameras as well as servers and storage.

Combined with the systems and modules PSIairport/Management system, PSIairport/FIDS flight information system, PSIairport/Gateway and PSIairport/Monitoring already implemented, the Hamburg Airport has an integrated IT infrastructure in baggage handling that guarantees efficient, transparent, coordinated processes and optimally linked information flows.


PSI Software with Continued Increase in Profits in First Six Months

- New orders increase by 11 % to 111 million euros

- EBIT increased by 25 % to 5.7 million euros

- Continued growth in Europe, reduced risk in Asia


Performance Indicators


1 Jan - 30 June 2017 1 Jan - 30 June 2016 Change
Sales 87,568 85,102 +2.9%
EBIT 5,684 4,534 +25.4%
Group net result 3,043 2,414 +26.1%
Earnings per share (EUR) 0.19 0.16 +18.8%


Berlin, 27 July 2017 – PSI Group increased new orders by 11 % to 111 million euros in the first six months of 2017 (30 June 2016: 100 million euros), the order backlog was, with 148 million euros on 30 June 2017, 3 % above the value of the previous year (30 June 2016: 144 million euros). Group sales increased primarily as a consequence of the industry business by 3 % to 87.6 million euros (30 June 2016: 85.1 million euros). The EBIT was increased by 25 % to 5.7 million euros (30 June 2016: 4.5 million euros), the group net result improved by 26 % to 3 million euros (30 June 2016: 2.4 million euros).

Energy Management (energy networks, energy trading) achieved, despite the regulatory “shadow year”, slightly increased sales of 32.2 million euros (30 June 2016: 32 million euros) in the first six months. The EBIT for the segment improved to 3.1 million euros compared to the previous year (30 June 2016: 2.6 million euros). The Electrical Grid Business received an important milestone acceptance in a major distribution grid project, obtained an entry into the US market with two small initial contracts and expanded its position in the domestic market with additional upgrade contracts. The Gas and Oil Business increased its volume of new orders, primarily on the basis of upgrade orders from its existing German customers and received the acceptance for the software provided by PSI for the central Gazprom control system in Russia.

In Production Management (raw materials, industry, logistics) sales grew by 8 % to 44.8 million euros in the first six months (30 June 2016: 41.5 million euros). The EBIT was increased by 27 % to 3.5 million euros (30 June 2016: 2.8 million euros), which includes a risk prevention for a project at an Indian steel producer that has liquidity problems. The segment profited from the end of the investment backlog in the steel industry after the week metal prices in 2015/2016 and the beginning of a new growth phase in mechanical engineering and logistics. Now that all of the products in the business have been converted to the group java interface, the software products can be integrated better into cross-corporate process chains. This includes, in particular, the automatic supply of machines with supplies, materials and spare parts on the basis of machine data transmitted via Internet-of-Things chips. The Metals Business will obtain an important new order from a Chinese customer in the third quarter.

In Infrastructure Management (transportation and security) sales decreased by 8 % to 10.6 million euros (30 June 2016: 11.5 million euros), the EBIT improved to –0.2 million euros (30 June 2016: –0.3 million euros). The segment is suffering under the weak economic situation of the general contractors in oil and gas-dependent countries of Southeast Asia and the Arab Gulf. PSI has significantly reduced the working capital tied to the region in the last 24 months, even avoiding business opportunities and instead invested in the training of software specialists at the Malaysian site who are intended to assume development and overnight testing tasks. Many oil and gas-dependent economies are now privatising vertically integrated energy utilities to reduce prices, subsidies and costs. PSI has the right software and many references for all stages of this unbundling process.

The number of employees in the Group on 30 June 2017 was, with 1,626, below the number for the previous year (30 June 2016: 1,650). The growth initiative with 50 new hires in Europe counteracts negative effects from increased retirements and last year’s adjustments in capacity in the Southeast Asian hardware business. The cash flow from operating activities was characterised by changes in working capital and decreased –5.7 million euros (30 June 2016: 0.2 million euros). With 34.6 million euros liquidity was at about the same level as the previous year (30 June 2016: 34.8 million euros), despite the higher dividend payment.


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