PSI Incontrol With Significant Hike in Orders in December

Highest number of new orders for a single month in more than five years

Berlin, 19 January 2017 - The Malaysian PSI subsidiary PSI Incontrol Sdn Bhd obtained a very strong increase in orders of almost 7.5 million euros in December and therefore achieved all but 13% of the original annual planning. That is the highest volume of new orders for PSI Incontrol in a month since April 2011. Following the unscheduled structural adjustment from 240 to 210 employees last summer and a significantly stronger focus on the core business, the foundation for an improved 2017 has been established. The orders include several large orders from existing regional customers in the energy segment.


Bosnia and Herzegovina power utility decides for PSIcontrol

SCADA/DMS/OMS remote control system on distribution level for JP EP HZHB

Berlin, 30 November 2016 – The power utility JP Elektroprivreda Hrvatske Zajednice Herceg Bosne d.d. Mostar (JP EP HZHB) and the German-Croatian consortium PSI AG and KONČAR have signed a contract for the implementation of a SCADA/DMS/OMS (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition/Distribution Management System/Outage Management System) control system for the remote control of the JP EP HZHB’s electricity distribution grid. This includes the delivery of substation automation equipment and telecommunication infrastructure for the connection to the central computer system in the new dispatching centre in Mostar to enable remote control from all substations. The project is worth 4.3 million Euros and will be finished within three years.


w&p Zement GmbH Optimises Network with PSIglobal

Analysis of sites and transportation routes

Berlin, 9 November 2016 – Wietersdorfer Zementholding GmbH, a subsidiary of the international player Wietersdorfer Group, has contracted PSI Logistics GmbH with the implementation of PSIglobal. The construction materials specialist, headquartered in Austria in Klein St. Paul near Klagenfurt is represented with production sites and sale units worldwide. With the PSI standard software for the strategic planning, optimisation and control of logistic networks, w&p Zement is implementing a cross-border optimisation of its production and delivery network.

The innovative PSIglobal allows for the reproduction, continuous analysis and composition of national, continental and global supply chains as well as an optimal site planning. Renowned consulting companies as well as market-leading industrial companies and service providers throughout the sector optimise more than 100 million transportation orders and consequently improve their CO2 balance in accordance with EU Norm DIN EN 16258 every year. The strategic IT system from the PSI Logistics Suite compiles operative data for management analyses. Its scenario technology makes it possible to configure processes and transportation chains for multi-stage and multi-modular logistics networks as well as to identify key parameters and sensitivities. Integrated analysis and simulation models allow for the variation of data in model investigations and equilibrate them to an optimum.


PSI with Improved Net Result and Strong Cash Flow after Nine Months

- Group net result increases by 3 % despite lower sales
- Sales 6 % below previous year due to capacity adjustments in Southeast Asia
- Cash flow from operating activities improves by 370 %


(TEUR) 1 Jan - 30 Sept 2016 1 Jan - 30 Sept 2015 Change
Sales 127,861 136,614 -6%
EBIT 6,920 7,271 -5%
Group EBIT 3,900 3,801 +3%
Earnings per share (EUR) 0.25 0.24 +4%

Berlin, 31 October 2016 – PSI Group attained 6 % lower sales of 127.9 million Euros (30 September 2015: 136.6 million Euros) in the first nine months of 2016 due to adjustments of capacity in Southeast Asia. The EBIT was, at 6.9 million Euros (30 September 2015: 7.3 million Euros), 5 % below the level of the previous year, the earnings before taxes were improved by better financial earnings by 12 % to 6.5 million Euros (30 September 2015: 5.8 million Euros). With 3.9 million Euros, the Group net result was 3 % above the level of the previous year (30 September 2015: 3.8 million Euros), the earnings per share improved accordingly to 25 Eurocents (30 September 2015: 24 eurocents). Due to sales price discipline despite weak market environment and due to regulatory effects, the level of new orders was, at 134 million Euros, 10 % lower (30 September 2015: 149 million Euros). The order book volume on 30 September 2016 was, at 132 million Euros, 3 % above the volume of the previous year (30 September 2015: 128 million Euros).


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