Leading Swedish aluminium company Gränges decides for PSI

PSImetals as integrative MES solution for all production processes

Berlin, 3 February 2017 – PSI received an order from Gränges AB in Sweden to implement PSImetals as a production management solution to harmonise their production processes worldwide. Gränges, a global leading aluminium company focused on rolled products for the heat exchanger industry, aims to establish globally integrated production processes based on one common platform.

Today Gränges operates different MES systems in their sites in Sweden, China and in the U.S. which are developed and maintained in-house. To standardise business processes and to reduce administration and maintenance efforts Gränges implements PSImetals as integrative production management solution from Planning to Execution.

First part of the solution will be installed at the finishing area at the Finspång site in Sweden but finally PSImetals will cover all processes of aluminium production: melting and casting, cladding, hot and cold rolling as well as annealing and slitting. The integrated solution comprises the modules Order Dressing, Order and Line Scheduling, Order Combination, as well as Production and Quality Execution. To guarantee seamless integration of all business relevant IT systems, PSImetals will be fully integrated in the ERP system and the automation systems on shop floor. The overall solution for Finspång is expected to be implemented by the end of 2018.


PSI Logistics and Center Connected Industry Realise IoT Applications

PSI software controls research structure at the RWTH Aachen campus

Berlin, 30 January 2017 – PSI Logistics GmbH, a member of the Smart Logistics Cluster at the RWTH Aachen Campus, is cooperating with the Center Connected Industry with the implementation of a demonstrator for applications for the Internet of Things (IoT). The solution will be presented in February at the 15th Hamburg Logistics Conference.

The goal of the cooperation with the cross-sector Community within the Center Connected Industry is “to bring Industry 4.0 to life in logistics”, explains Dr. Giovanni Prestifilippo, Managing Director of PSI Logistics. In the “Smart Parcel” project at the Center, PSI software is supporting a showcase for applications of the Internet of Things under live conditions in the associated “Demonstration Factory”. To accomplish this, modules of the PSItms transport management system communicate IoT beacons. A prototype live system will be presented on the 15th and 16th of February in the framework of the Hamburg Logistics Conference with the focus on bringing Industry 4.0 to life. The data flow starts with decentralised sensor elements that forward the real-time data of transportation goods and means to the PSItms application. The relevant information is provided directly at the location of the action by mobile apps, so as to optimise transportation processes and intra-logistical material flows.


PSI receives Final Acceptance for Mining Control System from Shendong

Largest Coal-Producing Company in China optimises four Mines with PSImining

Berlin, 26 January 2017 – PSI subsidiary PSI Mines&Roads GmbH received the final acceptance for the monitoring, supervision and control system PSImining (mining SCADA) from Shendong. Shendong is a 100% subsidiary of Shenhua Group Corporation Limited. Shenhua Group is the largest coal-producing company in China with more than 440 million tons of annual production. PSImining is the first system worldwide which integrates all automation subsystem in superior SCADA-system thus introducing Industry 4.0 concepts into the mining business. PSImining represents the first "Digital Mine". After the recovery of commodity prices, PSI is now working on closing further large PSImining contracts.

In a large software project the Level-3-SCADA PSImining was adopted and extended to integrate 31 automation subsystems into one single SCADA. Goals were to achieve a common data-model for the entire mining operation, do high-level supervision and automation by combining data from different automated systems and to generate one single human interface for the four mines of the Daliuta area (China, Inner Mongolia). The mines controlled by PSImining produce 100 million tons of coal, mainly for power plants. The controlled and supervised area covers more than 600 square metres of operation. This area includes the coal-faces and all tunneling for material transportation and supply for the four mines.


PSI presents ERP / MES and optimisation solutions at the CeBIT 2017

Digitalised production processes at the electric vehicle manufacturer e.GO Mobile

Berlin, 25 January 2017 – The PSI subsidiary PSI Automotive & Industry GmbH is presenting their standard solutions PSIpenta/ERP and MES at the CeBIT in Hanover from 20 to 23 March 2017. The presentation will be held in the framework of the special “Digitalisation live!“ show as a partner of the e.GO Mobile AG in Hall 5 Stand C38. The electric vehicle manufacturer uses PSIpenta/ERP and MES in their production. The presentation will focus on the integrated digital value-added chain of engineering through production and logistics to after sales service. PSI company F/L/S Fuzzy Logik Systeme GmbH will also be represented in Hall 5 at Stand B22/1 at the special “Production” show with the presentation of their cross-sector optimisation software Qualicision®.

The complete scenario “Innovate – Produce – Connect” stands for the integrated value-added chain from engineering to after sales. With this, PSI demonstrates the digitalised production processes. The innovative and integrated ERP and MES solution provides the required agility for the e.GO Mobile AG to be able to play a leading role in the dynamic market of producing electrical vehicles. The optimisation of the material flows and the production sequences assures the profitable production of even small batches. The traditional portfolio from the PSI Automotive & Industry is supplemented by the SCADA and visualisation solutions from the PSI Group.


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