The custom tailored systems and solutions we build are based on excellent products that are durable and well proven. To be able to provide long-term support to our customers we have build close relation with core suppliers and partners.

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Our Human Machine Interface (HMI / MMI) application is based on ZENON.

COPA DATA located in Salzburg, Austria, is the innovation leader for HMI/SCADA software. This forerunner position rests on the know-how and the experience from over 50,000 installed systems worldwide in industries such as the automobile industry, machine engineering as well as energy and production technology.
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Our large SCADA Control Centres are based on PSI Control.

The PSI Group in Germany develops and integrates software solutions and complete systems for utilities, manufacturers, public organizations and service providers on the basis of its 37 years of experience. PSI is one of the leading independent solution providers for controlling and monitoring complex network infrastructures for energy suppliers, telecommunication providers, and transportation companies. In the steel industry, mechanical and plant engineering, the automotive industry and logistics, PSI solutions assure optimal support for cross-company production processes. For public organizations and service providers PSI solutions provide secure and optimized management of business processes.

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Our protection devices are coming from NARI RELAYS.

NARI-RELAYS Electric Co., Ltd. is based in Nanjing, China. Since 1991, Mr. Guorong Shen and his professional team have developed and refined digital protection technology with many innovative features and patents. Mr. Guorong Shen is a founder of the company and a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE). NARI RELAYS with its unique algorithms are the fastest and most reliable relays when it comes to fault detection and fault clearance. NARI RELAYS have been installed in the past 20 years and have very successfully protected transmission systems and power plants. Today NARI RELAYS employs more than 1000 people and does an annual worldwide protection and control business in excess of 300 million USD.


Our GIS softwares comes from GE Smallworld Systems, the total Geospatial Asset Management solution

The Technology to Complete Successfully

Our Smallworld technology provides scalable extensible and open solutions that intergrate with your existing systems to leverate spatial date in new ways:thoughout the enterprise and onto the Internet. It helps you understand that your customers are and the infrastructure though which your products and services are delivered. Providing a sonsistant architecture that is at the heart of all our industry application solutions. Smallworld technology provides the information you need to succed in your rapidly challanging marketplace today and tomorrow.


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