Technical Competency


· Over 200 man-years of experience in the fields of control, monitoring, protection and automation system, mainly in the power industry.

· Total staff strength of more than 80 persons, out of which more than 70% are engineer by profession.

· The largest in-house and independent engineering and support centre in the region.

· In-house Research and Development team, capable of developing protocol drivers and RTU's.

· Multinational company with HQ in Malaysia, regional office in Thailand, and distributors in other countries in the region.

· Complete product range of power automation including: protection relays, control systems, network management system, distribution management system and remote terminal units.

Exclusive partnership with PSI Germany, Copadata Austria, NR China.


- Demonstrated in-house capability of complete secondary engineering of power station, UHV/HV/MV substations, large and medium network management system (SCADA), substation control systems, remote terminal units, protection and control management systems, rehabilitation of control protection and automation systems, consultation to main contractors.

· Demonstrated commissioning experience in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Brazil, India, middle East, etc.

· Demonstrated capability and technical knowhow in IEC61850. Setup the first IEC61850 lab with multi vendor products in Malaysia. Built the IEC61850 substation model in the lab.

· Demonstrated in-house capability of integrating multi vendor automation systems for mega projects including SMART Tunnel project, Penchala Tunnel, Proton City, Kulim Industrial Park, Water Treatment Plant in Malaysia and Sri Lanka, super specialty hospitals.


· Completed more than 50 SCS projects for TNB and SESB, over 75 project worldwide, in the past 10 years.

· Completed 4 rehabilitation works in TNB.

· Capability of interfacing with the existing systems such as ABB for retrofitting

projects, instead of replacing the units. This eliminates TNB’s dependency on a single vendor.

· Biggest SCS engineering & support team in South East Asia.

· Successful technology transfer to TNB staffs. TNB is fully capable of maintenance and expanding the delivered SCS systems.

· In house development for value added solutions like transformer monitoring, incident based maintenance etc.


· Completed more than 150 RTU installations for TNB, on TIME.

· Replaced 14 numbers of obsolete other vendor equipment with new RTU.

· In-house product under type testing.


· Completed MRCC SCADA/DA project on time.

· Demonstrated capability of fully in-house system setup, Pre-FAT and FAT for NERCC, 1st time in the region.

· Ongoing SCADA/DA project for entire peninsular Malaysia.

· Specific capabilities include

- Data base engineering,

- Hardware scoping and selection,

- HMI engineering,

- Development of drivers for third party system integration,

- Installation, testing and commissioning,

- After sales service support and training.


· iTEC is one of the three vendors approved by TNB.

· Completed more than 5 successful installations in TNB and SESB.

· Demonstrated capability of interfacing to all IED's of different manufacturers, disturbance recorders.


· Full capability of complete secondary engineering.

· First vendor to successfully delivered and commissioned CRP according to TNB’s COP 2 and Technical Guidelines.

· Successful completed and commissioning of 500kV, 275kV, 132kV, 33kV & 11kV substations. Completed more then 25 substations in the past 3 years, which included 6 substations of 275kV and 500kV.

· Key strengths include

- Relay selection

- Application engineering

- Control system engineering

- Testing and commissioning.

- Substation coordination design.


· Completed rehabilitation of Temengor Hydro Power Plant which includes Governor, Excitation, Synchronization and Unit Control.

· Completed rehabilitation of Kenyir Hydro Power Plant which include Governor and Unit Control.

· Ongoing rehabilitation works on CIRATA Hydro Power Plant in Indonesia, which includes Governor, Excitation, Synchronization, Unit Control,

DCS and attached substation control.

· Specific strength include

- Governor Controls

- Excitation Controls

- Generator Protection

- Installation and Commissioning

Power Systems

· Protection coordination and setting calculations

· Disturbance Analysis

· Protection application check

· Control system philosophy and architecture

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