PSI receives order from Amsbeck-Maschinentechnik GmbH

ERP system PSIpenta controls manufacturing processes

Berlin, 17 March 2017 – PSI subsidiary PSI Automotive & Industry GmbH has been contracted by the Amsbeck-Maschinentechnik GmbH with the implementation of the ERP system PSIpenta in their factory as well as at the Amsbecker Beton Guss GmbH. PSIpenta is replacing the existing old system.

The scope of the delivery includes the PSIpenta modules order management and contact management, manufacturing execution system (MES) components operational data recording and the mobile solution as well as data warehouse/business intelligence (DWH/BI), export processing and finance.

Following a selection process, Amsbecker-Maschinentechnik decided in favour of the ERP system PSIpenta. Decisive was PSI’s extensive know-how of product-typical requirements for equipment manufacturers and mass production. With the implementation of the new ERP system, it is intended to achieve greater transparency in the production processes and the joint added value of the associated companies.


PSIwms supports intralogistics optimisation at Mahr

Warehouse management system harmonises IT landscape and increases process quality

Berlin, 8 March 2017 – Mahr GmbH, a global manufacturer of production metrology, is relying on the PSIwms warehouse management system of PSI Logistics GmbH for warehousing in its central production supply and distribution warehouse at the company’s headquarters in Göttingen. As a long-standing customer of PSI, Mahr is already using the ERP system PSIpenta.

The logistics centre in Göttingen is one of five locations nationwide to have a stacker-operated high-bay warehouse, an automated small parts warehouse and an automated paternoster warehouse. These warehouses not only supply raw materials and semi-finished products to connecting production lines, they also store and distribute goods. This makes material flow correspondingly complex. Mahr has a long-standing tradition as a supplier to the automotive and automotive supplies industry, the electrical engineering, medical technology and aerospace sector, and mechanical engineering companies.


ABM Greiffenberger Polska relies on Warehouse Management System PSIwms

Improve the efficiency of logistics processes

Berlin, 2 March 2017 - PSI Polska Sp. Z o.o. was commissioned by ABM Greiffenberger Polska, a manufacturer of electric motors and drive systems, to implement the PSIwms warehouse management system. Due to the dynamic development of the company and the goal of doubling the production by the end of 2017, PSIwms will automate the passage of materials and components.

In the future, PSIwms will harmonise the production at ABM according to the ERP strategy. In addition, the integration of the very narrow-aisle (VNA) stackers and the automated vertical storage machines enables high storage efficiency. The smart and dynmamic functionality in the PSIwms allows the analysis of the incoming receipt and emission orders as well as the automatic classification of the products based on their turnover.

In this project, the fulfilment of the requirements for high-mix and low-volume production, including sequencing tasks and adapting the activities to order processes, is particularly important. At ABM Greiffenberger, PSIwms will also support the delivery SCM process of the material delivered for the production in accordance with the Kanban system.


PSI awarded major contract by Altonaer-Technologie-Holding GmbH

ERP system PSIpenta controls the production processes of three Group companies

Berlin, 22 February 2017 – PSI Automotive & Industry GmbH, a subsidiary of PSI, has been contracted by ATH Altonaer-Technologie-Holding GmbH, Hamburg, to implement the new version 9 of the ERP system PSIpenta for ATH and the Group companies KROENERT, ZAE-AntriebsSysteme and DRYTEC. PSIpenta replaces the old system currently in place.

In addition to PSIpenta/Multisite, a central purchasing department and service, the scope of supply also includes numerous other modules, manufacturing execution system (MES) components, a control centre and the project management extension module PSIprofessional, as well as data warehousing/business intelligence (DWH/BI) and finance.

Following a highly competitive selection process, Altonaer-Technologie-Holding chose the ERP system PSIpenta. Ultimately, it all came down to an in-depth understanding of the typical production requirements of a systems manufacturer and serial producer. In future, these will be optimally combined in a Multisite solution spanning Altonaer-Technologie-Holding’s production facilities to allow the three companies to cooperate more effectively in business and logistics.

PSI was able to impress ATH from the beginning of the selection process by offering a preview of its latest technological advancement: PSIpenta version 9. Due to the PSI Java-based framework, PSIpenta users can configure and combine interfaces with the new and intuitive PSI Click Design. The aim of the new ERP system launch is to increase production process transparency and create shared value for affiliated companies.


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