PSI with Strong New Orders and Significantly Improved EBIT in First Six Months

- New orders improve by 17 % to 104 million Euros

- Group sales climbs by 7.5 % to 90.5 million Euros

- Group EBIT increases by 52 % to 4.2 million Euros

Key figures (KEUR)      01/01 – 30/06/2015      01/01 – 30/06/2014      Change

Sales   90.522  84.224  + 7,5 %

EBIT    4.233   2.782   + 52,5 %

Group net result        2.364   1.210   +95,4 %

Earnings per share (EUR)        0,15    0,08    +87,5 %

Berlin, 28 July 2014 – The PSI Group obtained 7.5 % higher sales of 90.2 million Euros in the first six months of 2015 (30 June 2014: 84.2 million Euros). The EBIT for the first six months, which was encumbered by special effects in the previous year, increased by 52 % to 4.2 million Euros (30 June 2014: 2.8 million Euros). The group net result doubled to 2.4 million Euros (30 June 2014: 1.2 million Euros). The volume of new orders improved by 17 % to 104 million Euros (30 June 2014: 89 million Euros), the volume of orders on 30 June 2015 was, at 131 million Euros, 8 % above the figure for the previous year (30 June 2014: 121 million Euros).


PSI Logistics Retrofits Control Software at the Prague Airport

Control system for baggage conveyors and sorting systems

Berlin, 21 July 2015 – The company operating the Václav Havel Airport in Prague has contracted the PSI subsidiary PSI Logistics GmbH with implementing a new control system for the baggage conveyors and sorting systems.

The contract includes the migration to the PSIairport/BHS Baggage Handling System. With the retrofit for the highly available control of the luggage handling and sorting system with a new PSI sorting control system, the Czech hub is equipping itself for continued growth.

The special challenge of this project is that the airport operates around the clock 24/7. Because there are no bans on night flights at the airport, the core of the system has to be replaced without any downtime. As a specialist for such types of IT retrofit projects, PSI Logistics will therefore complete the project with operations ongoing. Nevertheless, a short realisation period of six months is guaranteed for the implementation, which includes the system tailoring, extensive testing phases as well as a longer pilot operation phase. By the change of the year 2015/2016 the baggage handling will be completely controlled by the new sorting system.


PSI Receives Order from Energy Service Provider badenova

Portfolio management system for energy trading on the basis of PSImarket

Berlin, 8 July 2015 – badenova AG&Co.KG, headquartered in Freiburg, has contracted the PSI subsidiary PSI Energy Markets GmbH with establishing a portfolio management system on the basis of PSImarket. The primary objective is the transformation of the existing badenova business logic to an audit-secure, integrated and configurable basis.

In the implementation project the current data will be transferred to the PSImarket system. A specific reproduction of the contracts with the configuration of the automated processes for contract management will be conducted. Here, suitable portfolio structures will be set up and comprehensive reporting evaluations generated. Implementations of risk assessment and interfaces for the preparation of invoicing round out the functionalities.

The implementation project has been broken down into a number of phases. Following the design phase, there will be the set-up and customizing of a test system with the integration of the badenova-specific adaptations. Following that, the productive system will be established and operated after the users have been trained in a parallel system. The migration to PSImarket is to be completed by the end of 2015. Subsequent expansion projects are already in the planning phase.


PSI Energy Business Receives Order from the Austrian Power Grid AG

Network regulator on the basis of the PSIcontrol energy control system

Berlin, 3 June 2015 – The Austrian Power Grid AG (APG), the Austrian transmission grid operator headquartered in Vienna, has entrusted PSI AG with rebuilding a computer system for the secondary and tertiary control of the Austrian transmission grid.

APG is Austria’s control area manager and therefore responsible for the stable functioning of the electrical energy system. Amongst the cooperations arranged to date are a grid regulator cooperation with the ELES (Slovenia) control area as well as a cross-control-area procurement of primary power control. An inclusion in the International Grid Control Cooperation (IGCC – transmission grid operators from Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Belgium) has also already been implemented. Beyond that, in the future a cross-control-area activation of secondary power control and tertiary power control with Germany will be implemented.


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