PSI in 2014 with Significant Rebound in EBIT and Cash Flow

  • New orders and group sales on the level of the previous year
  • EBIT increases by 72 % to 7.2 million Euros
  • Group net result increases tenfold to 4.1 million Euros
  • Operating cash flow improves from –0.1 million to 24.1 million Euros

Berlin, 19 March 2015 – The PSI Group attained approximately constant sales of 175.4 million Euros (2013: 176.3 million Euros) in financial year 2014. The new orders were, with 184 million Euros (2013: 185 million Euros), also about constant, the order book volume at the end of the year increased to 120 million Euros (2013: 118 million Euros). A lower volume of export licenses from the BRIC countries contrasted with a clear rebound in the energy business. The EBIT increased by 72 % to 7.2 million Euros (2013: 4.2 million Euros) despite greater expenses and write-offs in the post projects that have in the meantime been completed. The group net result increased by tenfold to 4.1 million Euros (2013: 0.4 million Euros), the earnings per share increased correspondingly to 0.26 Euro (2013: 0.02 Euro).


Stainless steel producer JISCO standardises production processes with PSI

JISCO TianFeng Stainless uses PSImetals to improve production of coils and sheets

Berlin, 13 February 2015 – JISCO TianFeng Stainless successfully produces flat stainless steel products by using PSImetals as the production management system since late 2014. The standardisation of all business operation flows in Jiayuguan Gansu plant, North Western China, leads to full control down to piece level, improved product quality as well as optimised inventory levels.

Based on customer orders PSImetals automatically generates production orders and production schedules from steel making, hot and cold rolling to plate pickling. If required manual adjustments are supported by enhanced filter mechanisms. The main advantage of the new system is the full traceability of every single piece of material. Each material “knows” its customer order and its delivery date. The ongoing collection of piece based production information leads to optimised stock levels. In addition JISCO is able to run different analysis. One example is the overall analysis on planned and actual costs for each piece based on actual consumption data that allows immediate action in case of significant deviations. Hence a huge manual effort could be reduced dramatically. Finally the requirement to reflect and support necessary changes of production processes in the future will be fully supported by flexible configuration possibilities of the PSImetals system.


PSIPENTA Presents Smart Factory Scenarios at the Hannover Fair

Simplified acquisition of information and visualisation of production systems

Berlin, 26 February 2015 – At the Hannover Fair (Hall 7, Stand A26) from 13-17 April 2015, the production specialist

PSIPENTA Software Systems GmbH is presenting three Industrial Internet scenarios that implement the concepts of the fourth industrial revolution, making them ready for practice: Smart Planning, Smart Products and Smart Integration. Above all, one objective is the focus of the three scenarios – the simplification of the acquisition of information and the reduction of complexity of production control.


PSI expands Aare Seeland mobil AG passenger information system to include bus segment

Berlin, 18 February 2015 – The PSI subsidiary PSI Transcom GmbH has been contracted by the Aare Seeland mobil AG (asm) to expand the existing PSItraffic passenger information system to include the bus segment. The bus fleet and passenger information will be controlled from the facility in Wangen.

In addition to rail vehicles, in the future, buses will also be included in the system. Dispatchers will be able to work with a uniform IT system for rail and buses. Passengers will be informed at train stations and bus stops about current departure times, disruptions, delays, substitutions and other important news.


Mr. Harvinder Singh,
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Of The Year

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