PSI Optimises Eaton’s Central Warehouse with Qualicision® Technology

Optimisation module “Adaptive Order Release“ monitors in real time

Berlin, 30 May 2016 – Eaton Industries GmbH, a provider of electrical components and systems located in Bonn, has commissioned PSI Logistics GmbH with the implementation of the innovative optimisation module “Adaptive Order Release”. This component further enhances the PSIwms Warehouse Management System for their central European distribution centre located in Meckenheim. One important element is sequencing task dispatch using extended fuzzy logic by implementing the decision and optimisation software Qualicision® from PSI’s subsidiary F/L/S Fuzzy Logik Systeme GmbH. This combination provides a wholly innovative solution for automating and improving the efficiency of order management.

The “Adaptive Order Release” will monitor more than 30 warehouse parameters in real time during operations, and will dynamically initiate the following orders and tasks. While doing so, the impact on KPIs will be considered so it is ensured that the orders continue to be delivered on time, while minimising overutilisation or underutilisation of the automated warehouse or the employees. This is made possible by the use of Qualicision® technology, which already handles multi-criteria sequencing for production planning at leading automobile manufacturers, and is being applied to this project in connection with PSIwms for the first time with the goal of achieving significantly increased efficiency.


PSI with Strong New Orders and Stable Earnings in First Quarter

  • - New orders improves by 13 % to 70 million Euros
  • - Volume of orders increases by 13 % to 157 million Euros
  • - Presentation of Industry 4.0 swarm production at Hannover Trade Fair
Key Figures 01 Jan - 31 March 2016 01 Jan - 31 March 2015 (adjusted) Change
Sales 42,589 43,188 -1.4%
EBIT 2,181 1,744 +25.1%
Group net result 1,396 1,367 +2.1%

Earnings per share (EURO)

0.09 0.09 +0%

Berlin, 28 April 2016 – The PSI Group achieved 1 % lower sales of 42.6 million Euros in the first quarter of 2016 in particular because of adjustments in the South Asian business (31 March 2015: 43.2 million Euros). The EBIT improved by 25 % to 2.2 million Euros (31 March 2015, adjusted: 1.7 million Euros), the group net result was, as in the previous year, 1.4 million Euros. The new orders improved by 13 % to 70 million Euros (31 March 2015: 62 million Euros), the order backlog on 31 March 2016 was, at 157 million Euros, 13 % above the figure for the previous year (31 March 2015: 139 million Euros).


PSI Delivers New Control System to bayernets GmbH

Gas grid operator extends usage of PSIcontrol/Gas

Berlin, 27 April 2016 – PSI AG was contracted by the gas grid operator bayernets GmbH, after a public tendering, with the implementation of a new control system. For the control and monitoring of the gas grid, bayernets operates a highly available, central control system at its Munich site. The new system will replace the PSI GAMOS system that has been in operation for many years.

The hardware of the new system will be highly available and fail-safe. The software will be implemented with the standard components PSIcontrol/Gas, PSItransport, PSIprognose, PSIconnect as an interface module, PSIganesi for online gas grid simulation and PSIganproda for processing verifiable gas measurement data. These applications will completely cover the range of services required for bayernets’ new control system.


PSI New Orders Increase by 13 Percent in First Quarter

EBIT above that of previous year according to preliminary calculations

Berlin, 18 April 2016 – The PSI Group increased new orders by 13 percent to 70 million Euros in the first quarter. According to preliminary calculations, the EBIT is above that of the previous year and therefore within the budgeted corridor.

All three segments of the PSI Group contributed to the increase in new orders. In Energy Management, the electrical energy business continued to increase new orders, gas and oil contributed significantly to the increase in Germany. The new orders in logistics and steel, which won major contracts in Germany, developed especially well.


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