PSI Increases Group Net Result by 92% after Nine Months

  • New orders improve by 12 % to 149 million Euros
  • Group sales increase by 7.4 % to 136.6 million Euros
  • Group EBIT increased by 66 % to 7.3 million Euros
Key figures (KEUR) 01/01 – 30/09/2015 01/01 – 30/09/2014
Sales 136,614 127,220 +7.4 %
EBIT 7,271 4.381 +66.0 %
Group net result 3,803 1,977 +92.4 %
Earnings per share (EUR) 0.24 0.13 +84.6 %

Berlin, 29 October 2015 – The PSI Group obtained 7.4 % higher sales of 136.6 million Euros (30 Sept. 2014: 127.2 million Euros) in the first nine months of 2015. The EBIT increased, despite continued strong investments in software technology, by 66 % to 7.3 million Euros (30 Sept. 2014: 4.4 million Euros). The group net result improved by 85 % to 3.8 million Euros (30 Sept. 2014: 2.0 million Euros). The volume of new orders was, at 149 million Euros, 12 % above the value for the previous year (30 Sept. 2014: 133 million Euros). The order book volume on 30 Sept. 2015 improved compared to the previous year by 7 % to 128 million Euros (30 Sept. 2014: 120 million Euros).

Energy Management (gas, oil, electricity, heat, water) achieved 7 % higher sales of 49.1 million Euros in the first nine months (30 Sept. 2014: 45.7 million Euros). The EBIT for the segment increased by 29 % to 3.5 million Euros compared to the previous year (30 Sept. 2014: 2.7 million Euros). The electrical energy business continued the positive development with a number of important contracts for German distribution grid operators on the basis of the current PSIcontrol product release. The gas and oil business expanded its position in the Scandinavian market and implemented measures to secure its market position in Russia. In the energy trading systems business, the first virtual power plant for decentrally-generated energies and industrial energies commenced trial operations. The development of unique selling points in the fields of intraday energy trading, balancing energy market and pool controller for heterogeneous energy systems continues to be the subject of intensive efforts.


PSI receives Order from Tenaga Nasional Berhad in Malaysia

SCADA Modernisation Project at Sungai Perak Power Stations

Berlin, 15 October 2015 – PSI Incontrol Sdn Bhd, the Malaysian PSI AG business, has received an order from Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) for the implementation of the TNB REMACO Sungai Perak Energy Control System (SPECS), a SCADA control centre for seven Power Stations.

TNB is Malaysia‘s largest electrical utility with assets worth more than 20 Billion Euros. TNB’s Generation Division manages and operates the Sungai Perak Hydro Power Plants, a scheme of seven Hydro Power stations installed around the Sungai Perak (Perak River) and its tributary waters. These include Temenggor Power Station, Bersia Power Station, Kenering Power Station, Sungai Piah (Upper and Lower) Power Station, Pergau Power Station and Chendroh Power Station.

PSI will replace the existing SCADA system including the Master Station, Remote Terminal Units and auxiliaries. The system will also communicate with its National Load Dispatch Centre (NLDC). The project deliverables also include an Operator and Maintenance Training Simulator. With the existing system far exceeding its end of life and with unavailability of spare parts, it becomes inevitable and utmost important for TNB to substitute it with the new PSIcontrol SCADA system as soon as possible. Thus, TNB have expedited the execution of this job with a challenging project timeline of eight months.

PSI has delivered similar timeline commitments to TNB in the past. The TNB Distribution Control System for TNB’s North-South-East region was delivered earlier than planned upon TNB’s request to fast-track. PSI Incontrol’s long term relationship with TNB combined with the previous experiences of fast-track project deliveries has provided TNB with the confidence to award the SPECS project to PSI Incontrol.


PSI presents network control solutions at the European Utility Week

PSI presents network control solutions at the European Utility Week

Safe network management during the energy transition Berlin, 9 October 2015 – The PSI Electrical Energy Division will be presenting its latest network control solutions at the European Utility Week 2015 (Hall A, Stand E36) in Vienna from 3 to 5 November 2015. The focus will be on the safety requirements on network management within the framework of a successful implementation of the energy transition.

Presentations will include extensive functions for power and network management, network safety and stability as well as innovative network calculations. Solutions will also be shown for the issues of reactive power management, IT security, load management, decentralised generation and network calculations in the area of low voltage.


PSI Renews Network Control System for the E.ON Deutschland Regional Supply Companies

Berlin, 6 October 2015 – The PSI AG Electrical Energy business has received an order from E.ON Deutschland for the development and renewal of all the network control systems of their regional supply companies.

The background is the reorganisation of the responsibilities of the E.ON network operators in Germany, in which the former E.ON Netz GmbH, with their 110 kV grid, have been demerged. The regional companies Avacon, Bayernwerk, E.DIS and Hansewerk now manage the 110 kV and medium-voltage grids that have been allocated to them. With the merger of the voltage levels, the uninterrupted supply should be maintained at a high level despite fluctuations in the volumes feed in and therefore effectively support the energy transition.

The standardisation and continued development of the network control systems are an essential prerequisite for this. The network management should be more efficient. Especially important is the management of renewable energies, the improvement of the network calculations, support of the corporate-wide relevant processes in connection with other E.ON IT systems as well as fulfilling increased security requirements. In addition, in the Avacon and Hansewerk projects higher gas functions of the PSI Gas and Oil business will be integrated.


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